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A Message from Reverend Chris

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Just by virtue of being born, you are an infinite, worthy and unique spark of The Divine Life. You contain within you the blueprint for masterful living and the Center for Spiritual Living Cape Coral is
here to help you lay the foundation.

By practicing the philosophy taught in the Science of Mind, individuals are able to transform their lives into more meaningful and purpose-filled ways of being. We know that the only way to make the world a more inclusive, loving and supportive place is by being that ourselves.

Every breath is a gift, each smile is a blessing when we remember that we are part of something much larger than our individual selves. As Ernest Holmes said, “There is a power for good in the Universe greater than you are and you can use it.”

It is my pleasure to work alongside a deeply dedicated, hard-working and loving community and I appreciate each and every congregant, practitioner, Leadership Council Member, musician, staff member and person who walks through the doors.

I invite you to come and see for yourself what makes CSL Cape Coral the most wonderful place to be.


Rev Chris

Weekly Events

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Special Events

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Learning and growing — whether that’s exploring new ideas or deepening your existing spiritual practice — are a central part of what we do at CSL Cape Coral.

From introductory classes about practical spirituality and meditation, to seminars on sacred texts from around the world, our classes are designed to help you transform your own life and be a force for good in our world.

Return here for updates about future classes


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Tune Up

Upcoming Events Calendar

Meditation  10:00 AM

Service        10:30  AM

Join us on


In Person:
Center for Spiritual Living- Cape Coral
406 SE 24th Ave Cape Coral, FL 33990


Click the Livestream button to join our Sunday Celebration online!  

What We Believe

We believe that life is good, that God is all there is, and that love is the only power.


We are a welcoming and inclusive community of inspired individuals caring for and about each other and the entire planetary family, bringing the gifts of active compassion and kindness to the world.


Our purpose is to transform lives, build dreams, and reveal God through education, music, prayer, service, generosity, and play.

We believe that we are co-creators with the Divine and that you can change your entire life by changing your mind.

We believe in ONE God expressing through every living being. 

We believe that God is personal to everyone and makes itself known to all who recognize Its presence.

We believe that God is love and creates only out of a desire to express love.

We believe and trust that God (the Universe) supports the highest and greatest good for all. that God is love and creates only out of a desire to express love.

We believe that our thought is creative and that how we choose to think creates our personal experience. 

We believe that by changing the way we think, we can change our lives.

We believe in the unity of all life and the immortality of the individual soul forever unfolding.

We believe in the eternal goodness, the eternal loving-Kindness, and the Giving ness of life.

Sunday Service
Prayer Request

We love to pray with you!

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Whatever is on your mind or on your heart, we are here to hold you up in prayer and help you know the truth of who and what you truly are!  Fill out the prayer request and one of our Practicioners will take your request and reach out to you if you desire.    

Prayer Request

If you would like us to reach out to you, please let us know how you would like us to contact you and enter your info below:

Thanks for allowing us to Pray with you. Prayer works!

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Now you can watch our previous Sunday Services and other videos on YouTube!  Share with your friends.  Get inspired all over again!  

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