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Life Visioning and the Power of a Vision Board

by Melissa Tuff, RScP

What is Life Visioning?

Life Visioning is the process of deep contemplation and visualization of the life that you would LOVE to live. There are many methods of visioning but for the sake of this post I will focus on the concept of creating a Vision Board which is a visual representation of the attributes and activities one wishes to create or manifest in their lives.

How Does the Visioning Process Work?

To begin the visioning process, it is often suggested that you start with a brief meditation. Meditation allows us to quiet the mind and connect to a Power greater than ourselves. When we quiet our mind of the constant chatter that occurs, we can become clearer on both that which is ours to do and that which we need to release. During this meditative period, we can choose to simply observe what is coming up in thought or we can bring to mind particular questions that help stimulate the flow of ideas related to our individual vision. Once we feel complete with our meditation, it is now time to move into the physical creation of our Life Vision in the form of a Vision Board.

Why is a Vision Board Important?

Having a visual representation of that which we wish to manifest is important because the more we can “put on” the images and feeling tones of our dream life, the more equipped we are to drawing all those wonderful things into our existence. This is how we work with the Law of Attraction. When we compile images and statements that align with our personal life vision and display them somewhere they can be seen and meditated on frequently, we are placing ourselves in a position of co-creation as opposed to allowing life to merely happen to us. We are visual creatures by nature, and we tend to ‘believe what we see.’ Therefore, it is not such a far stretch to take that idea further by believing that we can consciously create our dream life by surrounding ourselves with the images and statements of what our perfect life looks and feels like. Take the first step toward creating your dream life by registering for our upcoming Vision Board Workshop today!

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