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Center for Spiritual Living Cape Coral
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The Center for Spiritual Living Cape Coral offers practical, spiritual tools for anyone seeking a deeper connection with God, Spirit, a Higher Power, or UniversalTruths – in other words, we are here for you! Regardless of your religious or spiritual background, at CSLCC you’ll find the inspiration that will deepen your connection with Spirit, enhance your journey and recalibrate your life. We are a diverse, inter-generational community that honors all paths to the Divine. The Center provides a safe, uplifting place for those who consider themselves “spiritual, but not religious.” We offer practical spiritual applications for daily living based on ancient wisdom and sacred traditions from around the world … In other words, a church “for the rest of us.” Together we enjoy a sense of caring, ease and fun. Join us – chances are you’ll find people just like you.

About Us

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What We Believe

  • We believe that we are co-creators with the Divine and that you can change your entire life by changing your mind.

  • We believe in ONE God expressing through every living being.

  • We believe that God is personal to everyone and makes itself known to all who recognize Its presence.

  • We believe that God is love and creates only out of a desire to express love.

  • We believe and trust that God (The Universe) supports the highest and greatest good for all.

  • We believe that our thought is creative and that how we choose to think creates our personal experience.

  • We believe that by changing the way we think, we can change our lives.

  • We believe in the unity of all life and the immortality of the individual soul forever unfolding.

  • We believe in the eternal goodness, the eternal loving-Kindness, and the Givingness of life.

We believe that life is good, that God is all there is, and that love is the only power. We are a welcoming and inclusive community of inspired individuals caring for and about each other and the entire planetary family, bringing the gifts of active compassion and kindness to the world. Our purpose is to transform lives, build dreams, and reveal God through education, music, prayer, service, generosity, and play.

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Live Streams

Welcome to the Center for Spiritual Living Cape Coral’s Live Stream page. The presentation will automatically begin at 10am on Sunday mornings, so you can enjoy meditation with us as well. Please consider using this link during the giving part of the Celebration, or you can text your support to (239) 320-3820. You can also mail your support to the Center at 406 SE 24th Ave Cape Coral, FL 33990. Thank you in advance for supporting your Center!

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Classes and Workshops

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Please contact me directly by phone. You may leave a voicemail.

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